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AAA, Road America and Agero Affiliated, 24 HOUR SERVICE

This car did a full 360 before the tree and went under the fence. We had to cut the fence and retreive it.

 Customer was grateful for our professional service and that he survived this incident!

Testimonial  4/19/2016 - "Many thanks to Mr. Moore at Smiles Auto Group. He took the time and had the patience and perseverance to get my baby ( A.K.A. my Honda Crosstour ) off my ramp. Let me explain. My Honda was stuck on the ramp in our back yard as three wheels were on the pavement and one wheel was hanging off the ramp and in the air. He took the time to lay on the ground look under my car ( many times ) to figure out how to lift my car up and over so all my wheels can be on the pavement. He had a flat bed truck but my situation required a 'creeper' ( as he described it ) Given the circumstances of having the undesired equipment for my particular situation he still made it work! He had patience with me looking at every step and detail that was put into the process. He had perseverance to keep trying different solutions as my car was in such an awkward position and we didn't have the exact equipment needed for the job. ( I'm guessing that was due to miscommunication between my insurance company and the auto group.) Not only did he take time to make sure he did the best job he could under the circumstances I later found out he was the owner of Smiles Auto Group! His dedication to stick with me instead of calling another guy with the right equipment made me feel special :) Thank you again for all of your time, patience, perseverance, hard work, and dedication! If I ever need any towing I will call Smiles Auto Group for sure. They really care about your car and your time."

The roadside assistance company called us for this job - not letting us know the full scope of the work - and that we didn't have the creeper that was needed. We made it work and carefully pulled this car back to safety using a combination of our tow truck's stinger and a jack! 

We take care of your vehicles and toys as if they were our very own!

This was a roadside assistance call.

They had an accident and we brought out our "big boy" to handle their "big boy." 

This Maserati is riding in style with Smiles!

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